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'i am scared if say i couldn't fly next year'
'how would be my parent's feelings??'
'if say it is so'
'i am scared i cant survive the burdens'
'it is important to me at this moment to make sure that my parents know that i am really struggling and hopping for the best for my future'

'don't you ever say that i am lazy mum!!'
'don't you ever say that i am not appreciating what you've given to me so far dad!!'

'believe me'
'i am struggling'
'i am striving'
'but i am really sorry mum and dad'
~~'if say it really happen'~~

'mum, dad'
'i wonder if there is a way that can make you live a long life,'
'if there is one'
'no matter the resists'
'I'll make it happen'
'so you can witness my success and i can pay you back'
'I'll give you a good time'
'give you both know that you have a good son'
'good son who is really loved you'

'and realize that reality'
'before God calls your numbers'

~~Hard To Explain~~

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As the others continuously posting their blog, excitedly telling their mates about their weekends, their knowledge and sharing their childhood stories using high, magnificent and accurate words and grammar, however, I am still here, static do nothing instead refusing to move forward, refusing even to improve my English, and sometimes pretending that I am already good enough in English even though knowing that my pronunciation are worse than old men wearing artificial tooth (really???, post ur comment please..). By the way, at the moment, I think almost 2 months I haven’t post any blog (what the h~ of student is this???). Frankly speaking, the reason why I don’t want to post blog is first because I am afraid the others will know about my broken English (although I know every ausmat students know about that ‘fact’ after the horrible, ashamed tragic during Mr. All Malaysian studies lecture ~adoiiiyaii, that was a really bad nightmare).

However, after made a few self-muhasabah, I found that the exact factor why I am so is because I hate English very much. Sometimes, English made me felt sick and disgusted. Sorry to say that but I’ve to. Nonetheless, after I’ve made another self-muhasabah, I think that that factor comes from a baffle incubus(waahhh!!) happened when I was standard 2, when my English teacher had slapped me in front of my whole classmates just because of my minuscule mistake and actually I think it was a misunderstood when he gave the class an unclear instruction(plus, at that time I am in a really bad mood). Starting from that day, I hate English class very much and always escape his class. Consequently, my English starting to get worse as I missed a lot of English basic lesson. Of course I am not put the blame on that teacher, and totally that is my faults didn’t take English as a vital subject and learn it hardly. But honestly I hate that teacher very much. No3!! I can’t proceed my story because if I do so there will be a lot of bad words will be rise here. That teacher is totally not the same as other subject teachers in this world, he’s weird and ***y. Enough!!

Another reason why I think that English is hard to learn is because of its pronunciations. Why can't the English language decide a fixed sound on how to pronounce the letter combination 'ough'? Like tough, thought, through, cough, and bough. If 'GH' stands for 'P' as in 'hiccough' and if 'OUGH' stands for 'O' as in 'although' and if 'EIGH' stands for 'A' as in 'Neighbor' and if 'TTE' stands for 'T' as in 'cassette' and if 'EAU' stands for 'O' as in 'Plateau' then wouldn't the right way to spell 'POTATO' be 'GHOUGHTTEEIGHTTEEAU'!!!!!?.That very hard right??..~hard to explain!!!

I think that’s all for this time. I hope I am more confident in English after this and realize that it is a vital thing that is very important in this world (but totally not at hereafter!!hehehe..). Here, I want to thank to all my classmates (Zaz, Raymond, Mustakim, Afif, Ming Chai, Sing Yong, Fahmi Azmi, Cho, Yat Seng, James, Shahir,Gugan, Jung Khai, Fikri, Syafiq, Yen Ling, Amelia, Asyikin and Masyitah) They’re very nice and always there when I need a help.I’m also want to thank to Amin for always ready to help me especially when I’ve a problem in English although he is actually not so good at it(plezz amin, don’t show off!!!) Lastly please pray for my success.

Remember me!!

as a "king of convenience" and the "brother of fernando messi"..

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Honestly, i hate blogging...coz it require me to type(I counted it same as writing)... which the most thing i hate to do especially in English...and there are many other reasons why i hate writing very much..nonetheless, i don’t want to talk about it right now coz now i just want to write anything that come across my mind...

First I want to introduce myself..My name is Jose Umario Reyes...as i told you before, i am the brother of Fernando Torres and Lionel Messi..(koyalaaa,nate pooo..)..which both are having Bin Makhtarudin as their family name...huhu..frankly, i am very very proud to be a part of Makhtarudin's family...coz now all of the people around the world realise that all Makhtarudin's sons have great football skills...actually, i dont realise that I’ve such skills before..but today,11th of January 2009,my 19th birthday....precisely at 6.42p.m...when i scored a fantastic goals while having match with 16's House's team...i scored 3 goals in 14.67 mins...(wwuuuuuh!!!!bapakkk ahhhh!!!),very superb footballer right??....by that victory, some said that I’ve made all 16's House football's teamates(pidah~known as Guthirezz, aizat bmx(Eboue), mud(kuyt), rahimi(agger), nurhanip(rio ferdinand) and their striker anip aziz~known as drogba...) felt like they don’t know anything about football and felt as childish..hahaha I am dying(matilaa aku)...my team, 71's House football team won the game 12-o away....

~that all for now..I’ve to stop here coz the owner of laptop I am using just back from having his dinner..thank you everybody for always supporting my career as a professional footballer...without all of your trust i am nothing....bye...mmuahhhh....tq..